Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you do?

I am predominantly a fibre artist, weaving scarves and working towards expanding my product range. Right now I work from whatever space I have, and I hope to soon have a studio so I can work with more equipment and space!

What wool do you use?

For business reasons, I don’t want to specifically say what yarn I get and from where - I love to educate people about techniques, but to tell you every detail of what I use would mean there is little point in me selling what I make! However I will share details of what I use:

Generally, for my warp I like to use a grey 4ply yarn, mostly from British companies.

For my weft, I generally use a ‘chunky’ yarn, one weight above 4ply. 

What loom do you have?

I have an Ashford rigid heddle loom, 24” wide. It is a fantastic loom for learning, working, and can easily be packed out of the way to save space!


I also bought a secondhand loom that is a mix of different floor looms, mainly Swedish. It is a four shaft floor loom that I will set up soon when I have a studio space. 

How do you finish your scarves?

I separate my warp threads into groups of four and tie them into a double knot, then trim the tassels to sit at roughly the same length. I like the messy, fun effect they make!

How do you keep your woven edges neat?

This is hard to explain! It is a technique I didn’t know I was doing well, but it is best explained at around 13 minutes in this video:

How long does a scarf take to weave?

Every scarf varies, and the closest guess I can give is around 6-8 hours for the whole process! 

What are the dimensions of your scarves?

My scarves are roughly 50cm wide x 2m long

What else do you make?

I haven’t been able to continuously make anything yet, I can’t commit to too many projects until I finish uni!

However I have also made:

  • A handwoven cardigan

  • Two handwoven pillows

  • A throw

  • A latch hooked rug

  • A wall hanging

Where do you post to?

I only post to the UK!

How did you learn?

I did a small project in my foundation year of college where I made a wall hanging. During my first year of uni I became interested in weaving from YouTube videos - especially Ashford’s videos. From there I got a loom for my 20th birthday and I have been obsessed since!