My name is Rhin Skeen, and I'm a recent graduate of Costume Production and Associated Crafts in the UK. Over my three years at university I explored my love of textiles through weaving, tufting and latching. 


Continuing traditional processes in a world that depends on fast-paced technology grounds me and makes me more appreciative of what I have. These processes of weaving and tufting are therapeutic and make me feel connected to my finished products, as I spend many hours on each produced piece. 

Rug making is classed as an endangered craft in the UK by the Heritage Craft Association, so I find it necessary to inspire and teach others why these crafts need to be kept alive.

Purchasing independently is so important, as it is so much more environmentally friendly, and it supports creative individuals working on a smaller scale. Cheap stores produce their work on a mass scale, and therefore people are less likely to take care of the item and more likely to throw it away easily. Shopping through small scale companies makes people more appreciative of the items you have, and breaks them from the cycle of fast fashion.



GCSE and A Level in Fashion and Textiles

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media


Degree in BA Costume Production and Associated Crafts